Pawn My Truck


Do you own a light or medium-duty truck? If you need cash to see you through a tough spot, you can use the truck to secure a short-term, asset-based loan i.e. pawn my truck.

Pawn my truck you can get the money you need straight away, without having to sell your truck.

How to pawn my truck

To use your truck to secure a loan, simply contact us and tell us the make, model, year and mileage of the vehicle.

Note that there can’t be any debt outstanding on the truck and it must be under your name for it to qualify as collateral for a loan.

If you choose to accept the offer, we’ll arrange a meeting, where we’ll ask to see the original truck registration documents, which must be in your name; your ID book; and proof of address. We’ll inspect the truck and, if all is in order, finalise an agreement.

Then we’ll transfer the funds into your account straight away.

Advantages of pawning your truck

Pawing a truck or another paid-up vehicle in your name has a number of potential advantages over other types of loans.

At Pawn My Car, we don’t base our loan decisions on guesswork, credit ratings or your debt history. Instead our approach is far more straightforward. The value of your truck determines the loan we offer.

There are no credit checks, no invasive questions and no delays.

You can expect to have the money you need in your account almost straight away – and once you’ve repaid the loan with the agreed interest, your truck will be returned to you in the same condition you left it.

A further advantage is that pawning your truck with us is completely confidential. We don’t supply credit bureaus, financial institutions or anyone else with information about the transaction, which is purely between you and us.

To use a truck to get a loan today, simply complete the below form:

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